Sunday, 12 February 2012

Save the Date

So I've just been watching The Wedding Proposal on Channel 4 which was all about four people's perfect wedding proposals from flying to the top of a mountain to starring in a West End musical, it got me in the mood to have a little look at all the gorgeous wedding stationery there is out there, I've got a little obsessed with it even though I'm nowhere near getting married!

I adore this wedding stationery, it's just a bit lovely and straight to the point with simple font, my favourite.

How cute is this? I love the little illustrations and the super sweet drawings of the happy couple, it's like a children's book more than an invite.

I love this, not only do they have my favourite brown paper packaging tied up with string, it's also a cute little pun.

Another clever little tying the knot pun...

I love those invites that only people who know the bride and groom will understand, this one is so personal without saying anything.

I love these gorgeous wedding invites too!


  1. Theses are super cute! I love the knot tying one. Such a clever idea!

  2. aaaw these are so cute!